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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas

I read on Yahoo a day or two ago that some states have an official state pet! Most seemed to be dogs. No surprise perhaps although the cat lovers may object! Of course I skimmed down the  list but there was no New Mexico or Arizona listing.

Anyway, if I were to hazard a guess as to what my current home state would have for their official mascot pet, I would say either the Pit Bull or the Chihuahua. Most of the young couples seem to have a Pitty or two and most of the older folks seem to have a Chihuahua. Now on the surface you could not get much more different but then there are some similarities as well.

While they may be small, most Chihuahuas are very defensive or ever aggressive little critters and the 'ankle biter' term fits them very well. They seem to have no notion how little and fragile they really are and do not hesitate to go pick a fight with a buzz saw or a Rhino! Many Pit Bulls are aggressive or at least very defensive, too. I don't think it is really a breed trait but a lot of them are specifically bred and trained to be aggressive, both as a kind of guard dog and --deplorably!!--to be 'pitted' against other dogs in a fight ring. (Pun intended.) But in recent times the rescue people have been equally aggressive in trying to save many of these hapless animals and teaching the public that Pits can be good, loving, loyal and trustworthy dogs. And I know they can.

I have to admit to a bit of prejudice, though, and I just do not really like the way they look. However that is not to say I would never take one under any circumstances! I may well end up a Pit Bull owner some day for all I know. Chihuahuas less likely; they really are tooooo little! I would be afraid of stepping on one or hurting it in some other way because they are so very small. Little Rojo is small enough to be of come concern but at least he weighs sixteen or seventeen pounds and is fairly canny about staying clear of big feet. Chihuahuas can be maybe five to eight pounds!

As for my official personal 'state' dog--well, there would be three in a row: one Aussie, one Border Collie and one Blue Heeler!! Although I could also make room for a Husky or a Malamute (which BTW is the Alaska state dog, no surprise!) And I also have a huge weak spot for the good old Heinz 57 all-American mutt. Especially a maybe doxie-spaniel cross of a red hue...

And below are Belle, Ginger and Wiggles, the late and beloved Blue Heeler of my dear friend Julie Smithson. She now has Good Boy, also a Heeler and also blind.

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