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Friday, June 8, 2012

Sky Watchers Annonymous?

I am fascinated by the sky and everything in it. I can watch clouds for hours, love sunsets and sunrises, wish I could fly--preferably like a bird without mechanical contraptions--and am both an amateur astronomy and a semi-serious believer in astrology. Now the latter might seem like a contradiction but I do not see it that way.

I own a good quality telescope, older but still a fine instrument. It is an 8" Celestron, built on the Smith-Cassegrain model which means it is compact for its power. I have enjoyed watching lunar eclipses, finding planets and looking at the stars as they wheel their way across the night sky. I love the summer sky as many constellations are old friends. My late husband and I spent many pleasant hours lying in the yard on an old tarp and just looking at the sky--counting satellites passing by, seeing meteors and a time or two northern lights--once in Marysville, CA where no one else apparently noticed the red and green auroral display that night! I used to take Astronomy magazine; let it go because it is pretty pricey but miss it.

Yet I really do believe in astrology--not the daily horoscope in the newspaper kind but the serious plotting and finding where all the celestial bodies were when one was born and how they relate now and such. A dear friend is very expert in this and has given me a lot of guidance. But the thing is,I do think there is a real scientific basis for some of this. Let me elucidate!

First every object in the sky gives off energy, right? Even those like our moon and the planets which are relatively inert compared to the sun (which is a smaller star) and the other blazing orbs. The gravity and electromagnetic forces from each object as they go through their orbit and approach and depart from alignments and proximities may not be measured but I expect with the right instrumentation they could be. So why would the patterns at the moment of conception and then at one's birth, when the protective envelope of our mother's body no longer shields us fail to influence us in many subtle and even overt ways? That is where I see the validity in astrology. The simple sun sign doesn't mean a lot although I do see familiar traits in some other Taurus people, for example. But the whole complex pattern--that is where we find clues to who and what we are! I think in time this will be accepted by most scientific people.

Right now a lot is happening in the sky. We just had the solar eclipse, very visible here in New Mexico and a lunar one to happen with the full moon--two such events in one moon cycle is unusual. Venus will cross in front of the sun--between earth and the sun--on Tuesday and various alignments and patterns among the planets are taking plaec as well. I can feel a certain tension and charge of energies from all this. Am I nuts? Who knows! But I can enjoy observing the spectacles and also trying to gain some insights and guidance from what these events might portend or evoke.

I will leave you with this "eye in the sky" image that has been going around on the 'net for some time with a variety of captions. It alsways raises questions in my mind and I start asking why and what and who and when. I see something very powerful and sacred in the sky and this exemplifies that sense. Note: picture ix hanging things up so will try again to post it later. This is now old news anyway!

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