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Monday, June 25, 2012

When the Doggie Deity Takes Charge

It had been my intention today to tell my story of Rico and Belle but there was a divine intervention!
Friends may know that I believe there is a Higher Power I call the Doggie Deity. S/he is in charge of the canine world and their interaction with people, especially coming when they are needed or wanted, or when they are in need, steering them to the best port in the storm. It has happened too many times for me to doubt! To wit, let me tell you about Friday afternoon.

I'm a curious sort, something I probably enhanced by my years with a man who had been in law enforcement much of his life and was the sort who never met a stranger. He always watched what was happening in the neighborhood. I've been watching work done on a recently sold house catty-corner across the street, a hitching-along city effort at replacing water lines in this area and a few other comings and goings this summer. So midday Friday I was sitting on the sofa in front of the big picture window in the living room and observed a little critter I took to be a ratty looking cat furtively slipping around, under cars and into shady spots across the street and down the one our house faces. I did think it odd though, as I had never seen a brown cat...

A bit later I was out on the car port getting ready to hang my new quilt over a line I had rigged so as to do the 'tying through' operation where I use a big needle and yarn to secure the layers by a stitch through and then tying a square knot. All at once there was a small animal underfoot and I saw it was indeed a dog, not a cat but close to kitty-size. Its fur was felted and tangled with burrs and I could see no collar or tag. I got it some water. Then I picked it up briefly and the belly was so matted I figured it for a female who had recently been nursing pups and was caked with dry milk and crud. It went next door then and played with the kids for a bit but I heard their dad say, "No, one dog is enough." (They got a small female a few months ago; her name is Bella and she looks like a mix of pug, maybe dachshund and ???) so pretty soon the little dog returned.

Now my brother came out and began to interact with the dog. He went to work trying to get some of the fur cleaned up and we discovered it was a male and neutered. He was very friendly and pretty patient about being combed, trimmed and groomed. I was concerned but after a bit we decided he was healthy and our three big dogs were going nuts about it so we finally slipped him into the back yard with them. They all scampered around the yard, sniffing and excited but no hostilities. It was late afternoon now and past time to call Animal Control. If he stayed out all night, he could become coyote food or meet some other bad end. By then he was already integrating himself into our family and wiggling into our hearts! I'd said he could stay in the laundry room but that never happened!

I am really  not a huge fan of little dogs and a few very badly behaved and obnoxious little mutts that some roommates and acquaintances had did not help.I have referred at times disparagingly to "Barking Rats" and "Barking Dust Mops" which I think are self-explanatory, but I do love dogs in general and this little dog is different. Not sure of his ancestry but my wild and uneducated guess is --maybe--long haired dachshund and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel??? He is rusty red with drooping ears, a fine muzzle, large bright eyes, a long thin tail and short somewhat bandy legs--he toes out big-time in front.

Today I did call Animal Control but no such dog had been reported as lost. He's going to our vet this afternoon to be checked and get shots--which likely he does not need--a heart worm check and all the regular vet stuff and shortly we will get a city license for him. Right now he is Rojito or Little Red; what he will finally end up being named is uncertain but it looks like he has found a home. He loves to cuddle, sleeps on brother Charlie's bed, and is not intimidated by the bigger dogs--an Aussie Shepherd, a Blue Heeler and a Heeler-Corgi mix-- but is polite to them. He knows treats such as the 'soft beefy sticks"' (puperoni type treats) and takes a tidbit very daintily. Yes, our dogs are spoiled and do get a bit of nibbles when we are eating!! So Rojito fits right in. I am sure he has been loved and pampered much of his life; how he came to be astray and bedraggled I have no idea. Wish he could tell us his story. If an owner comes forward, we will surrender him, of course, but I'd be rather sad already. That's how quickly he has left little paw prints on a soft heart. So the Doggie Deity knew what s/he was doing, as always!

And you'll hear about Rico and Belle another day....

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  1. What a sweet story, Deirdre. I'm glad Rojito found a good home, if only for the short term. See, not all small dogs are yelping nuisances. ;-) From the pix I would make the same guess as you as to his ancestry. Definitely some Dachsy in there, I'd say. He's cute as he can be. Glad he fits into your loving home.