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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good Causes and Giivng Back

This will be short as I have out of town compnay and will be out sightseeing most of the day but this is important!!

First, I'm an avid fabric artist as you may know and get much of my material from www.equilter.com.  Here is the scoop on a special project they have started to help the Sandy victims!

Tonight I am putting out a call to quilters all over the country, to donate 5000 quilts to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

You donated over 3000 quilts for 9/11 survivors, and over 2000 quilts after the Japan tsunami. I just KNOW that you are all asking - what can I do to help? As the media begins to report more of the vast destruction from the storm, I know more of you will be moved to
make and donate comfort quilts.

So we are going to work in partnership with
Timeless Treasures Fabrics to provide the means to collect and distribute your quilts to those most in need.

The first phase of this effort is over the next 3 months: Timeless Treasures is offering us not only their warehouse space, but also their staff for the huge task of processing the thousands of packages we expect to receive in response to this need.

We are working to identify multiple trusted organizations to distribute your quilts in the hardest hit areas: Rockaways, Long Island, New Jersey, and Staten Island are locations that need us the most right now, where we can channel this relief to those in need quickly.
I have posted guidelines for this massive relief effort on this page, and we ask you to read through ALL the details carefully before contacting eQuilter's Customer Service with any questions.

Please do NOT contact Timeless Treasures - so we can let them focus their resources on receiving the quilts.

Ship your quilt to New Jersey by a trackable method to confirm receipt, and be sure to put a label and message of comfort on the back of your quilt!
Feel free to share the link for the project page!

We are also going to work with Mission of Love to get a truck full of relief supplies to devastated areas that are not receiving Red Cross or FEMA aid. On Saturday night we will also issue a challenge for matching funds, to fund this relief effort...watch the newsletter for more information.

Many thanks to Ellen and David Brown at Timeless Treasures, Victoria Findlay-Wolfe who is helping us identify distribution points, and Kathy Price at
Mission of Love. Thanks to many others who are helping us identify relief organizations this week. Our biggest thanks to all of you who are making and sending the quilts!!!

sharing your Passion for Fabric...
Paul and Luana Rubin

Next we know there were many pets impacted by this disaster too. My favorite organization to help with that is www.bestfriends.org/  They are hard workers, totally dedicated and the bulk of donations goes directly to good work--little overhead and admin as everyone works!!! I just sent them a check in Belle's memory and will do more as I can!

Thanks friends and more soon!

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  1. Wonderful causes!! I posted the link on Twitter. It'll also then appear on Tartan Ink.