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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Samhain, Dia de Los Muertos and Encounters of special kinds

I love this time of year and our special celebration is a big part of it. Even as a kid I loved Halloween although I was not allowed to go out much when I was small. Then as I grew up and drifted into a more pagan set of beliefs and discovered my ancient Celtic ancestors and their Samhain I felt I had hit a vein of pure gold. The idea of a key turning point in the year and a  place in time where the veil between our tangible world and that of the spirits and the realm of magic thins to allow passage through is just marvelous!

Growing up in the southwest US where the Latino or Hispanic culture is very influential, I learned about the same time of their custom of celebrating what northern Europeans call All Saints' Day. They call it Dia del Muertos or day of the dead and take that time to honor ancestors and departed family and friends. Although the decor of skulls and skeletons and such may seem spooky the mood of the day is much more festive and cheerful than that. They put out offerings or treats in cemeteries and other places and it becomes almost a fiesta. That is a neat concept too!

So the next forty eight hours or so will be spent in some special commemoration by me. Some of my Druid friends will be going thru a lovely ritual that one member has developed--me included--and I will wish some of my Pagan friends a happy new year since many say Samhain was also regarded as New Year's Day (or night since they tended to celebrate from sundown to sundown for the holy days as many Jewish Sabbaths and holidays are observed.) Being very sun-focused I tend to go with the midwinter solstice but hey, I am always up for a celebration!

Of course this time my most recent dear departed is little Belle. She has come by several times--just the faintest shadow out of the corner of my eye, a whisper of motion and stirring the air, a sigh, and I can almost but not quite feel her soft fur. Then she is gone again. I will put out a tiny dish of milk for her; that was a treat she liked and maybe another tidbit or two for her. And I will speak to all my departed friends and family in my version of our ritual.

Over this past weekend I drove over to Silver City near where I lived for a few months in 2008-09 and saw some friends. I spent several hours with one very dear friend who shares much of my beliefs and philosophy and was instrumental in my finding the modern Druids and seeking to walk that path. I had sent him a text message when I got home from the vet's after saying goodbye to Belle and asked that he call when he could. Within minutes he did and his first words were, "Are you okay?" The concern and care in a familiar voice was so precious and supportive. I decided to go over and spend a few hours together and that was even more healing and strengthening to me. We have a powerful bond that we are both sure goes back to shared prior lives. We are not a romantic couple in this one but a combination of spirit-siblings, friends and just very close so this visit meant a great deal to me. I also saw a girl friend who has just met a new man and I am praying it will be HEA for her! And I sold enough 'junk' at a flea market to pay my gas and a fast food lunch LOL. It was a good trip!

The second caller the day Belle left me was Sue Ellen Welfonder, a very dear friend and a huge dog lover as I am and we had a wonderful talk. I have followed her wonderful blog Tartan Ink for some time and that was what inspired me to do one of my own that in time became two. The other is www.deirdredares/blogspot/com and it is all about writing and my books--well Deirdre's and Gwynn's (smile). Tartan Ink is at http://tartaninkblog/wordpress.com

 And here are a few of photos from my trip.... Yes it is scenic and pretty and the sky was sooooo blue! I love the southwest so  much and know i have spent several lives here and it is one of my spirit's main homes.

Blessed Samhain to one and all and a happy Celtic New Year as well!
Go in peace, harmony and beauty all my friends!

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  1. I felt peaceful reading this dear, Dierdre. Yes, the blue are definitely worth a visit!