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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Time to piss off everyone?

I just have to say something about the ongoing tempest in a pee-pot!  I have a theory that the Power Structure (which really does include both Left and Right, Liberal and Conservative, Democrats and Republicans etc.) has taken a big page out of the old Roman playbook. Throw enough emotion laden non-issues at the public (bread and circuses) and they will be so busy fighting among themselves and going crazy they will never even look at the real, horrible and dangerous stuff going on right in plain sight. By trying to be zealots or crusaders and enforce certain standards or customs on everyone. a few have created such a commotion for the rest of us.

For gosh sakes--bathrooms? This is so absurd. If a person outwardly appears to be female or male, most people will pay absolutely no attention which door they go through to use "the facilities.". However to take a trick question from either the turtles' club initiation or a recent joke about what grade a kid should be in: "What do men do standing up, women sitting down and a dog on three legs?" Unless a person who is not living as the gender they were born with has had physical alterations, it may be awkward at best to go about their business in the prescribed way in whichever latrine.  So perhaps the obvious answer is a third door marked Either/Or where there are both urinals and normal commodes or perhaps all receptacles are in enclosed stalls. Actually if this was done in both normal bathrooms, it would make the problem much less. For about 99% of the population, they really could not care less!

Hey all you red neck guys, I seriously doubt that say Caitlyn Jenner is going to sneak into a women's restroom just to assault or rape your female relative,  And how about Chaz Bono? Does h/she want to use the male restroom merely to lead your little boy astray? Get a life! This is so stupid. But it is also an example of government meddling and getting involved where they have no business at all causing problems, non-issues or not.

I do have an issue with kids barely approaching puberty "recognizing" that they are not rightly the gender with which they were born. It may happen in a very few cases that almost from birth someone has a real sense they are in the wrong body. However, there is so much hullabaloo and ballyhoo about this transgender thing that too many children are led to believe it is really cool and a great way to get attention and stir up things wherever they go. There have always been tomboy girls and boys who were less rowdy and rough and tumble than the average but generally they went on through life and worked out reasonably well as adults in whatever gender their body began. This identity is not something to play with and to change like a costume on a whim or because of a fad. The ramifications are far reaching and very complex, far to serious to be undertaken lightly. And to have to remake all public facilities to accommodate a very small minority is patently absurd, expensive and wasteful.

Black, blue, brown, pink and green lives all matter and this is a much larger issue than whether maybe 1% of the population is not sure which door to go through. Domestic violence, child/elder and animal abuse is rampant and a real issue. There are a zillion other matters begging for attention, consideration and perhaps solution. Why should we waste valuable time, emotion and dollars on something as petty as this tempest in the pee pot? Frankly, it pisses me off!!


  1. It is an issue that should have never become an issue. I feel certain that people have always been using the restroom they are most comfortable with and no one is any the wiser. After all there isn't anybody checking "parts" at the door. Laws which give rights to individuals to use the one they "identify" with gives every pervert (and there are many) legal passage to enter any women's restrooms even if they are 220 lb, bearded, hairy hulks. The next thing will be mandatory urinals in the ladies restroom for those "identifying" as female, but still possessing male appendages. This was not an issue until they started passing laws. I truly doubt anyone has challenged a person of questionable gender. Most of us are in and out and don't even notice who is there.

  2. Thank you for this and I agree. Laws and regulations very seldom fix anything and most people have enough common sense to work things out however works best for them!