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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Iditarod...Day Four

A brief comment on the race. There have already been some early leaders and some changes of rank but the race is far from over. It is still too warm and there is a lack of snow in some parts of the trail. That is rough. Last year they had too much snow and had to reroute some of the trail. This year they may have to reroute to find snow! However there is a severe weather warning covering a good part of the central Alaskan area which is traversed in the middle days of the race.

So far only two have scratched, one before the actual start and the other at about the second checkpoint. My gal Aliy is on her mandatory 24 hour layover at Takotna--I believe that is the spelling of the checkpoint village. She dropped back a few spaces as some others elected to take their 24 hour earlier or farther along the trail but the race is far from over. I'm also rooting for DeeDee Jonrowe, another veteran lady musher whose about a third of the way back in the pack right now. There are a number of seasoned veterans --the Seeveys, last year's winner and his dad,  John Baker, the 2011 winner, Martin and Ron Buser, another father and son pair, Lance Mackay--a four time winner and winner of the Iditarod and the 1000 mile Yukon Quest his first try, both the same year...a list equal to the stars and heroes of more familiar sports and probably athletes of equal or even greater excellence!!

My heart  is with them all. I cry for a dog that gets pulled--some are hurt and come into a checkpoint on their musher's sled and are tenderly cared for and flown back to the starting point or reunited with teammates at Nome at the end of the race. They are such gallant and wonderful animals but they truly are loved and given the best possible care. They run for the love of it, just as much as the mushers. You can see it in their faces.

Godspeed and many blessings to all!

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