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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Going to the Dogs Again

I finally got most of my older dog pictures scanned the last two days while the weather was chilly, damp and not conducive to hanging out in the southwest sun, which was sparse! As I did so,  I realized again how blessed I have been in the canine department.

I've told you about Alanna. She was such an amazing dog that I have to share a couple more pictures of her. The first was within days after we got her from the Humane Society in Colorado Springs. She was about three months old. She came home the same day we got our new Ramcharger 4-wheel drive SUV after being stuck in a blizzard a couple of months before and scared seriously! She barfed and I was so glad I insisted to the silly salesman that I didn't want nice plush carpet but rubber mat flooring. It was the only time she got car sick that I recall, though. She grew to be quite a traveler. The other one is several years later when we were back in Arizona after living north of Sacramento, CA for a few years. She got some fox tail grass seeds embedded in her skin and had to be almost shaved to remove them. She was soooo miserable and depressed but her lovely coat did grow back.

Then I have talked of little Butch. He was probably most if not purebred Brittany Spaniel and one of the sweetest dogs I ever knew. He had some cute ways and was very photogrenic. One shot shows him in the watering well around a tree we had planted, watching my hubby and me work in the yard. We called it his foxhole! The other he is in his sentry pose, very alert and watchful. He was a total sweetie and I still miss him.

And I cannot forget Sadie, who shared three years of widowhood with me before she finally got tired and old enough to go join Butch and Jim across the Rainbow Bridge to wait for me. She overlapped for about two and a half years with Rico, my first Aussie, who joined us early in the year after Jim and Butch had departed. Sadie was a sweet and happy girl but she never stopped grieving for her beloved master and her canine partner and I knew that. I cried to let her go but I knew it was right. Jim was there in spirit and touched my shoulder when I was burying Sadie in the yard at my old home in Whetstone, just outside of Huachuca City, AZ, three years and ten days after he and Butch had departed.

 Sadie was so black for several years that it was hard to get a good picture of her--there was no contrast! But in her later years she got white on her muzzle and a bit around her eyes. Jim said that was her lipstick and eye shadow. It did set off her face! She was a very feminine girl despite being a tomboy who loved to run, scramble around and ride.

Yes, starting with my dear Flash back when I was just a ten year old, I have had some wonderful dogs! You've met Rico and Belle and Ginger and Rojito. The Powers willing, I shall never be without a dog until the day I die although there was a gap of about three years between Alanna and Butch. It was horrid! I missed having a canine companion soooo much! But we had to wait for the right one.

Some earlier dog posts that you might refer back to were 8-26-13, 7-9-12, 6-8-12, 5-26-12 and 5-2-12.  I ought to set up links to them but my HTML is very rusty and was never too good to begin with. I think you can go to all posts and then down thru the lists by 25s to get to those dates. Maybe I can figure a way to do links in a bit.

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  1. You brought tears to my eyes, old friend. I remember Butch and Sadie so well. Love your 'newer' darlings, too. You're so right - it's impossible to be without a dog. I couldn't bear it either. Hope you and your earth-side furbabies are having a good Thanksgiving. (I know the other darlings are there with you, too)