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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tragic dog accident--help if you can!

This came from a friend who is a big ACD fan. (She's cared for two blind ACDs and is a wonderful dog lover herself. I published her "make a difference" essay a few days ago.) I am shocked and just sick about this brutal accident. Pleaes help if you can. This young couple has been horribly traumatized and lost four precious furkids in a stupid tragic and awful situation! BTW I worked near there when I was living in  north central California in the 77-83 period but not sure of these streets now as it has been a long time!  GMW

2 people hurt, 4 dogs killed in Carmichael hit, run
"Randall's leg was severed from the impact, West suffered a broken leg, and all four dogs, Australian cattle dogs, were killed."
July 18, 2012
By Ward Koppel wkoppel@news10.net and Paul Janes pjanes@news10.net
Carmichael, California - Two people were seriously hurt, and their four dogs killed in a late-night hit and run in Carmichael.
According to California Highway Patrol Sgt. Troy Rivers, the incident occurred some time after 10 PM Monday as Harison Randall, 21, of Grass Valley, and Gemily West, 23, of Carmichael, were walking their dogs -- Bindie, Evie, Zury and Winry -- across Garfield Avenue at Engle Road. 
PHOTOS: 4 dogs killed in Carmichael hit, run http://www.news10.net/news/photo-gallery.aspx?storyid=201460
As they were crossing, the couple noticed a vehicle heading toward the intersection at a high rate of speed.  Thinking the car was going to turn left away from them, Randall and West continued and the car veered back towards them, said Rivers.
The approaching vehicle, later described as a 1986 or '87 light brown Nissan Maxima or Stanza sedan, blew through a stop sign, knocking it over before hitting Randall, West and all of their dogs, Rivers said.
Randall's leg was severed from the impact, West suffered a broken leg, and all four dogs, Australian cattle dogs, were killed.
"I looked across the street, and unfortunately there was the gentleman's leg, I vomited, then ran over to the gentlemen with a pillow," said Corrina Aggee, who saw the entire accident. "He actually looked up at me and said, 'I'm going to be okay'."
The car continued without stopping, fleeing the scene at a high rate of speed, said Rivers.
"Either the vehicle was fleeing from another crime that was committed, the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs or they simply panicked," CHP Officer Todd VanLindt said.
Investigating officers believe Randall suffered greater injuries because he tried to protect his girlfriend from the impact. 
"Her boyfriend is a hero. If he hadn't pushed her out of the way, my sister would be dead. She would have taken the full brunt of the impact just like her poor dogs," said Trevor West, West's brother.
The victims were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.  Randall was listed in critical condition, and West was said to be in serious condition.
The entire area was closed  through 5:20 AM Tuesday due to cleanup and investigation efforts.  
Officer Todd VanLindt of the CHP said the car that hit Randall and West was a Nissan Maxima that should be missing the driver-side mirror and turn lights, and would likely have front end damage.
Anyone with information on the incident was urged to contact authorities at 1-866-CALL-CHP.
CHP Continues Search For Suspect Vehicle In Carmichael Hit And Run
July 18, 2012
Carmichael, California - The California Highway Patrol has dozens of investigators searching for the suspect vehicle in a hit-and-run accident that killed four dogs and seriously injured a young couple Monday evening.
The suspect vehicle is described as a 1986 or 1987 Nissan Maxima, light brown in color.
The vehicle is believed to have moderate damage to the front driver’s side. It is missing the driver’s side rearview mirror and damaged left side running lights and turn signal lens.
The crash happened around 10 PM on Garfield Avenue as 23-year-old Gemily West and her boyfriend, 21-year-old Harison Long-Randall, were returning from the park with her four dogs.
Long-Randall lost a leg in the accident as he pushed West out of the direct path of vehicle. The four dogs all died. They were all Australian cattle show dogs.
West is expected to begin rehabilitation work in the hospital on Thursday and won’t be released for a few more days, her family said. Randall was undergoing his third surgery on Wednesday.
Anyone with information is asked the North Sacramento CHP at 916-338-6710 or after hours, CHP Sacramento Communications Center at 916-861-1300.
Donations for the Private Cremation of her dogs -- Bindie, Evie, Zury and Winry -- can be made to Gemily West at Orangevale Veterinary Hospital 6248 Main Avenue, Suite D, Orangevale CA 95662. The phone number is 916-987-2055.
I called & made a donation, then called some friends, & they are donating, too. Since Harison's twin sister works at the Orangevale Veterinary Hospital, it makes sense that all donations above & beyond the cremation cost would get to Harison and Gemily. Let's all send something (every dollar counts) to Gemily West / Harison Randall, c/o The Orangevale Veterinary Hospital, 6248 Main Avenue, Suite D, Orangevale CA 95662. The phone number is 916-987-2055. The very nice lady I spoke with, 2 hours ago, said that all the cremation costs had not yet been met. Let's not wait for an organization to pay these costs! Let's all chip in & show these two young folks that America still cares about our own!

Gemily West, Room 5522
c/o Mercy San Juan Medical Center
6501 Coyle Avenue
Carmichael, CA 95608

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