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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cooper is safe! (Heeler/JRT mix??)

I was touched by the plight of this little guy but my friend Julie Smithson definitely put her money where her mouth is! She let her fingers do a whole lot of walking and as a result of her efforts a sweet young dog--we think he is Heeler and Jack Russel mix--will be moved on Monday from a high-kill shelter to a very special place where animals are cared for and every effort is bent to finding them a good forever home. Thank God for people like Julie.

Here is the first notice about Cooper a few days ago:
Cooper - Young Cattle Dog Mix: An adoptable dog in Owensboro, KY
Cooper is a young gentleman who was unfortunate to end up in a shelter. He seems like no one ever spent any quality time with him. He has a lot of energy, but responds well to training. He does love people. When shown affection, he becomes attached very quickly. He needs an understanding home and a home who will continue to work with him. If you are interested in this pet, please contact us as soon as possible. We take in approximately 4,200 animals a year. Unfortunately we are a high-kill shelter due to the amount of animals being brought to the shelter. We euthanize mostly due to space and temperament. If you are not local we can recommend transport services. Please email us at dcacanimals@yahoo.com or call at 270-685-8275. Please Hurry!
We are also VERY rescue friendly.
Please read our home page, too. There is more information about the adoption process, shelter location and hours.
Pet ID: 1206-1891 - Primary colors: Black, White or Cream
Cooper's Contact Info: Daviess County Animal Control, Owensboro, KY
Email Daviess County Animal Control
See more pets from Daviess County Animal Control
CODE RED! This sweet young dog will die before or on August 27th. Please share his plight, and please hurry! Our shelter is FULL!
I could not get the photos to copy so I could post them but the link will show them to you. This is a sweet and totally loveable looking little guy; too far for me to go and we have four dogs which is the local limit but I am praying he will get a forever home soon.
Here is where he will be on Monday thanks to Julie's tireless work to save him!!

Such great news! Cooper is SAFE and will be rescued Monday by Paula of New Hope Animal Shelter, Henderson, Kentucky!
Cooper still needs a forever home, but is safe for now! If you'd like to offer Cooper your home & heart, here's more information on his new home-for-now, or want to donate a little something to this rescue whose motto is: "We take in unwanted, lost and sick pets. We treat them, vaccinate them, spay or neuter them, and then we find them forever homes." New Hope Animal Rescue, 526 Atkinson Street, Henderson, Kentucky 42420: https://www.facebook.com/#!/NewHopeAnimalRescue/info newhopeanimalrescue526@gmail.com OR rayeraye1964@yahoo.com ; phone 270-827-8088. Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Saturday: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM.
Thanks to God and all his angels -- and to those angels that listened to my desperate voice on the phone today, or read the email from me, trying to save Cooper's life -- bless you all so much!
So if you know anyone close enough to drive and get him that needs and would love this special little guy, by all means tell them. I know from working with Aussie Rescue a bit that often transportation can be arranged and volunteers do a relay race to get a dog to a new forever home or even a safe shelter for  the present. I am soooo happy there are animal angels who do the Doggie Deity's work and take care of as many of the lost ones as they can. Wish there were more of them and fewer abandoned pets in need of that care... Yes, please spay and neuter and adopt if you can!!

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