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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Marines and non-coincidences

I came of age during the Vietnam War and although I was not involved in the protests, I had a lot of misgivings about that war and most before or since. War is a bad thing; the ones hurt the most are often the children, the innocent animals, the poor and common people who only want to be left alone to live their lives as painlessly as they can. That being said, I am still a big supporter of our military and I have a very special place in my heart for the Marines. I've worked as a civilian for the Army and Air Force and support them and the Navy and Coast Guard as well, but my late husband and my middle son were Marines and I picked up a huge respect and regard for that particular branch as a result. I learned a lot of the Corps' history as well. Most of the books in Jim's collection were passed along to grand sons but it does not look like any of them will become Marines--which is okay. I'm not sure that joining the military as really a wise choice these days.

In another of those non-coincidence strange crossing of people and times, my late husband served in the Korean War and while serving there he met war correspondent David Douglas Duncan. Duncan produced a book, mostly pictures --stark and extremely powerful black and white portraits mostly but some narrative about his experiences and observations while he was there. The book is called This is War and it paints an unforgettable scene, Jim never found a picture of himself in the book although he did identify some friends and comrades. The son who followed in his footsteps into the Marines and later into law enforcement was named David Duncan Walton as a tribute to Mr. Duncan's work and character. Duncan of course was of Scots ancestry as was Jim, maybe another factor! Now the odd link--some years before when my father was doing some features and photo-journalism for the Kansas City Star, Duncan was also beginning his journalistic career at the same newspaper and they did meet and interact a few times. Dad held Duncan in high regard as well.

I am sure this poster  below is copyrighted but it is so powerful I did want to share it since it fits with the theme of this post. In war it really is the families,  children and pets who suffer... wherever they may be. May God/Godde/The Divine One support them! The same for this photo to the right.

I am not one to pass along a lot of 'forwards' and never send those that give the dire warnings if you fail to and promise miracles and wonders if you do to everyone in your address book! I hit the delete key as soon as those show up in my mailbox. But I do look at a few and much more seldom, find one that I want to share. This is one of them. Be prepared to get a bit teary eyed with this one; it is that sort of a true and powerful story. I think it speaks for itself. Leaving their dead was something the Marines seldom did and still try to avoid; that makes this even more powerful.

CLICK ONLINK TO OPEN    http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=C6f_FvZpm3g

That's enough for today. I am unashamed to be patriotic and support my country although I often disagree with many in government and much that goes on. Still I do not  know of any nation in the world where I would be better off and happier--and that's perhaps the main reason I still say the Pledge of Allegiance and mean it, respect the flag and thank the (real) powers-that-be for what we enjoy here. We are blessed and I pray we do not throw it away--but this is not a political place and I won't air my rather heretical views!!

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